Candlewood Adventure Camp

June 22-26 Register Here

What Campers Need

What Campers Need

What young anglers need to bring:

Fishing Gear:

Anglers are encouraged to bring as much of their favorite gear as they want. We recommend no more than 3-4 fishing rods though. We will provide each angler with a starter lure pack from our sponsors. The staple rod should be a 7 ft Medium spinning rod with a 200 series spinning reel. You can order any of our recommendations from our sponsor “Tackle Supply Depot” under “Candlewood Fishing Camp Gear”


  • Shoes/boots/flip flops/water shoes
  • Jeans/sweatpants/wind pants
  • rain gear
  • shorts/bathing suits
  • long/short sleeve t shirts
  • socks/extra socks
  • hat
  • sunglasses
  • underwear
  • sleep clothes
  • swim towels


  • Sleeping bag
  • Sheets/blankets
  • Pillow


  • Shower shoes/flip flops
  • Towels/washcloth
  • Soap in plastic case/shampoo
  • Tooth brush/tooth paste
  • Deodorant
  • Comb/brush
  • Feminine products
  • Shower bag
  • Flashlight/head lamp

Camping Gear:

Flashlight, headlight, bug spray, sunscreen


All meals will be provided.
Anglers can bring any snacks they want to keep in their cabins.