Candlewood Adventure Camp

June 22-26 Register Here


New England's Premiere Coed


For Young Anglers

Our Mission

To offer an unforgettable summer fishing camp experience for kids regardless of their ethnicity, economic background or mental health condition.


  • Make new friends
  • Experience independence and build confidence
  • Face new challenges and learn resiliency
  • Catch HUGE Bass
  • Connect with nature
  • Build self esteem
  • Learn boating safety

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Candlewood Fishing Camp is the ultimate fishing experience for young anglers and outdoor enthusiasts. Campers will fish for world class-sized smallmouth and largemouth bass with the top area fishing guides and tournament anglers. Candlewood Lake is repeatedly ranked in Bassmaster Magazine’s Top 25 Best Lakes to Fish for Bass in the Country and is a favorite destination among both recreational and tournament fisherman. Campers will learn how to implement the best techniques to target various species with a primary focus on post-spawn bass while fishing on state-of-the-art fishing boats. Anglers will leave camp proficient in: topwater’s, spinnerbaits, plastics, pitching a flipping grass, drop shotting, dock fishing and live bait.

The Maddie Fund

The Maddie Fund is a non-profit, charitable fund that was created in 2019 to help people who are suffering from various forms of mental illness, including depression, bipolar depression, severe anxiety, and eating disorders.

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