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What Parents Are Saying

What Parents Are Saying

My daughter loved Candlewood Fishing Camp!  She enjoyed the instruction, being outdoors with other kids and the week-long competition.  She can’t wait to go back next year!



Joie Cooney

This camp is amazing for my son.  He came home happy and relaxed.  He made friends and most of all enjoyed his time at camp.  He has done other sleep away camps and this is his favorite!  I love how simple and chill the entire experience was for him and for me.  I highly recommend this camp!


Shari Greenleaf

Finally a sleep-away camp experience dedicated to fishing! We have been searching for one and were delighted to have found Candlewood. The kids go out on boats and fish in a lake full of large bass. The guides are very knowledgeable and always know what bait to use and the best spots. Jed is an experienced fisherman and teacher during the school year and is a fantastic camp leader. The kids have a great time! It is laid back, pure fun.


Kate Bennett

My son just attended a week at Candlewood Fishing Camp and had one of the greatest experiences of his life. They fished every morning and evening and caught many smallmouth and largemouth bass some over 5lbs. They fished with guides on top of the line boats and learned how to fish in different situations. In between fishing, they went canoeing, kayaking swimming, and many other activities. I especially liked the no electronics part of the camp. The kids saw they did not need there phones or iPads to have fun. My son made many new friends. After a day of being homesick which was expected my son did not want to come home and was already planning on coming back next summer when we picked him up. Jed and his counselors were great with the kids. My son is counting down to the next camp already.


Sarah Killian

Candlewood Bass Fishing Camp was by far my son’s favorite thing that he did this summer!  He got a chance to learn more about fishing, be outside on the Lake, and bond with other boys of all ages.  He especially loved the counselors and always enjoys spending time with Mr. Wilson.   He can’t wait to go back again next summer!



Nancy Oren

I was so happy to find Candlewood after searching high and low for an overnight fishing camp in the NY area. My 12-year-old son had the time of his life — catching fish, making friends and learning about lures, knots and a variety of fishing techniques. Jed, the camp director, really cares about the kids having a special experience and the counselors — many of them lifelong fishermen, have a passion for teaching kids their love of fishing. My son has stayed in touch with a number of his camp friends and he looks forward to returning next year!

Diana Son

“Candlewood Fishing Camp was such a great experience for my 12 year old son.  He was so excited to learn new fishing skills out on the lake every day on a boat.  He got that and so much more than he ever expected.  He made a great friend that shared his excitement in fishing – They still send each other pictures of the fish they catch months after they met each other at camp.  Along with the friendship and fun, my son spoke highly of the camp counselors.  They were encouraging, supportive and knowledgeable.  My son returned from camp happier and with a self-confidence that I credit the camp leader, Jed Wilson, and his staff, for building up my child as a fisher and supporter of others as they fish.  After his week at camp, when I picked up my son, he had one of the biggest smiles I ever saw.  I asked him how his week was and he said that Candlewood Fishing Camp was the third best experience he ever had in life next to Disney World and meeting one of his best friends.  I cannot say thank you enough to Jed Wilson, and everyone at Candlewood Fishing Camp for making his week of camp one of the most amazing and memorable experiences of his life.”

Roger Kutzy

Our son, who is 12, LOVED his week at Candlewood Fishing Camp.  This camp IS THE CAMP for young anglers.  Nestled in the woods on the shores of Candlewood Lake in CT, with rustic cabins and no electronics allowed, these boys spent the week FISHING!!  Mornings and evenings on the water, being mentored and encouraged in their fishing skills while catching large and smallmouth bass, perch, crappie, and catfish.  Hot afternoons spent being boys, free fishing from docks/canoes/kayaks, adventuring to nearby islands, paddle boarding, swimming in the lake….evenings around the fire.  Jed has created a gem and much-needed experience in this camp.  He is a teacher during the school year, teaching literature and history, and really has a knack for connecting with these young men and bringing out their best.  He is also a husband and a dad and gets the challenges parents and kids face when heading to camp, maybe for the first time.  Our son came home with a newly kindled passion for being on the water and for fishing, and can’t wait until next year.  Jed brought in local guides and professional anglers, as well, to help these young men gain skill and knowledge in the sport and business of fishing.  Our son had always said he would go to camp if he “could fish day and night”…this camp is it!!  The counselors were all encouraging, knowledgable, kind and demonstrated exceptional leadership for the campers.  The camp is small, which lends itself to these boys becoming like family over the week, and learning how to encourage and support one another.  A definite MUST experience for any young person with a passion for fishing!!

Cathy Behuniak