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Summer Camps for Kids

summer camps for kids

Summer Camps for Kids

Summer camps for kids can be found throughout the world.  Some of the best are right here in New England.  Connecticut alone has over 500 summer camps to choose from.  Picking the right camp for your child can be a challenge.  However, there are a lot of resources that can help with this important decision.

Finding the right camp

Help is right at your fingertips.  For instance, there are many websites that help families research, find and book the very best summer camps.  Sites such as and offer convenient searches.  For example, they list the highest quality and variety of camps that will match each child’s interests.  Some families may want a more personal experience in choosing the right camp.  For instance, and offer a free advisory service to families.  They represent over 600 camp programs throughout the US.  They devote their attention to working closely with each family, assisting them to find the most appropriate choice for their child’s summer program.  Personalized service offers unlimited time in conversations to learn about your child’s interests and needs.  Also, they take into consideration geographic location, length of stay and price range that best fits the parent’s finances.

Specialty Camps

Some camps are really hard to find, such as fishing camps.  They do exist, but they can’t focus on all kinds of fish.  If your child loves bass fishing, then you have to look into Candlewood Fishing Camp in western CT.  This camp offers week-long overnight sessions where your child can fish for bass every day with the best professional guides and local tournament fishermen.   The camp sits on 100 acres of woodlands directly on Candlewood Lake.  Campers are technology-free and focused on being in the outdoors and making new fishing buddies.  Candlewood Lake ranks as one of the top bass fishing lakes in the country!