Candlewood Adventure Camp

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Connecticut Overnight Summer Camps

Connecticut overnight summer camps

Connecticut Overnight Summer Camps

This is your chance to ask the questions you have been losing sleep about.  Are you making friends?  What are they like?  How is the food?  Are your counselors cool?  Do you want to come home?  Try not to ask questions like this.  Keep it simple and play it cool.  Are you having a great time?  What comes next will say it all.  You can ask the personal questions at home.  When visiting time is up, leave.  Lingering around, looking back, will only make it harder to separate again.  Take comfort in knowing that sleepaway camp is a great way for a kid to take some safe space and gain independence. Furthermore, it is for a parent as well.  And you will survive.

If your child loves fishing, Candlewood Fishing Camp in western CT would be a great choice.