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Summer Camps in Connecticut

summer camps in Connecticut

Summer Camps in Connecticut

Summer camps in Connecticut can benefit your child in many ways.  First, camps can provide different opportunities.  Many life skills are not taught in school.  Some examples include communication, collaboration, creativity, leadership, socialization, and problem-solving.  These skills are found in the summer camp environment.  Campers learn to navigate on their own.  As a result, they learn to solve problems independently.

Camp educates campers

There is more to learning than test-taking and getting good grades.  Camps offer a diversified learning environment.  Also, camp can be a place where a child’s social education happens. Further, it provides kids an opportunity to try new activities. For example, when children take risks, they can build self-esteem, problem-solving and social skills.  They become part of a supportive community. Campers are challenged and encouraged to grow every day.

Unplug from technology

Children spend more than 8 hours a day engaged with technology.  Consequently, this takes the place of important hands-on activities. The majority of summer camps ban most technology.  For example, TV, smartphones, tablets, and personal computers. In short, taking a break from technology over the summer is important.  Children can engage face to face with each other.

Social and emotional development


Balancing school schedules is hard.  Free and unstructured play is healthy and essential.  For example, it can promote social, emotional, and cognitive developmental milestones.  In addition, it helps kids manage stress. Summer camps give children plenty of free time. This can lead to healthy emotional and social development.  Kids can be stuck with the same peers for years at school.  Kids who attend summer camp get to meet a new group of peers.  Campers get a chance to reinvent themselves at camp.  In conclusion, kids can build confidence, gain independence, and social skills.

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