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Fishing Summer Camps for Teens

Fishing Camps for Teens

Bass Fishing Summer Camps for Teens

Fishing summer camps for teens will teach young anglers the latest tactics for catching huge bass!  Bass fishing camps are hard to find.  There are two top-rated bass fishing camps in the United States to choose from.  Candlewood Fishing Camp in CT and Kurt Dove’s Pro Bass Youth Camp in TX.  Both camps deliver the experience of fishing with top-rated guides and tournament fishermen.  These camps are co-ed sleep away and offer several one week sessions.  In addition to learning from the pros, campers can meet new fishing buddies and build relationships that can last a lifetime.

Bass Fishing in the Fall

The fall fishing season can offer the best bass fishing.  The water starts to cool, as a result, the bass start to gorge themselves in preparation for the cold winter months.   Look for flats, like during the spawn, as long as there is a definite creek channel going through the area.  As a result, shad will usually be migrating up the creeks and, of course, the bass won’t be far behind.

Lure Choice

First and foremost think big baits. All of the forage that was once so small in the spring have had all summer to grow.  Therefore, the baitfish are larger.  Another thing about fall is that you can use a wide variety of lures and still have a successful day on the lake.  From the top to the bottom, and everything in between, almost anything will catch fish in the fall. But not everything will work on every lake.  It is important to judge the water you’re fishing.  For example, if you’re fishing really clear water, a topwater or soft jerk bait will usually out produce other methods of fishing.  Other popular baits include crankbaits, swimbaits, and jigs.  In conclusion, wherever you are fishing, enjoy the fall weather and some of the best fishing the year has to offer.