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Fairfield County Summer Camps

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Fairfield County Summer Camps

Fairfield County Summer Camps offer children a chance to boost their self-esteem and develop risk-taking and conflict-resolution skills.  They learn to make their own decisions without their parents’ help.  Camp provides children with an opportunity to be independent, as a result, take risks.  Children learn how to work, play, relate, get along, empathize and connect with others.  One of the major benefits of camp is the social skills they can develop.  This can happen naturally, especially around interacting with other people in a positive way.  The camping experience really develops emotional intelligence in children by making them more empathetic.  This is an essential component of the maturation process and a skill that camp is successfully developing.

Developing Resiliency and Confidence

We are living in an age where parents are not as willing to let their kids out of their sight. This is where camp proves to be extremely beneficial.  At camp, children are encouraged to go outside their comfort zone through activities such as high ropes courses, fishing, boating, singing, dancing or wilderness camping.  Camp does a really good job of teaching kids it’s okay to fail and helps them recognize their limitations.  By allowing children to take risks and face challenges, camp helps children build their independence, resiliency and self-esteem in a safe, supervised and supportive environment, the study found.

Get Your Kids Into Nature

A bond with nature is badly missing in the lives of many children today unlike a generation ago.   It’s a world where kids may be all too aware of environmental problems, yet rarely venture out to experience the natural world.  One effective cure to this outdoors aversion? Camps.  At camp, kids are given the opportunity to see what they’re missing.   They can form lifelong bonds and connections with the natural world they may have never experienced before. Children need nature for the healthy development of their senses, and therefore, for learning and creativity.

Do your kids love to fish?  Check out Candlewood Fishing Camp in northern Fairfield County.