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Fishing Summer Camps

Fishing Summer Camps

Fishing Summer Camps

Fishing Summer Camps are the best place for kids to grow into experienced anglers.  Millions of kids love to fish, but many do not get the chance to go often.  For example, they may not have a lake, river or stream nearby.  Further, their busy schedules can make it difficult to take the time to go fishing.  There is no better way to spend quality time and build friendships than fishing together.  Fishing Camps give kids the opportunity to make friends and fish all day.

Things to consider

First, you need to consider how far you are willing to send your child.  Secondly, what type of fishing are they most interested in.  There are camps that focus on certain types of species.  For example, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and trout in freshwater.  In addition, some camps fish for striped bass, flounder, bluefish and blackfish in the saltwater.  Saltwater species can vary more depending on where you are in the country.

Picking the right camp

If bass fishing is what your child loves most, there are two great camps to consider.  Candlewood Fishing Camp is located in western CT.   This camp sits on 100 acres of direct waterfront on Candlewood Lake.  Campers spend every morning and evening fishing with the top local guides and tournament anglers.  They experience sleeping in rustic cabins and meals by the campfire.  Three, one week sessions are open for registration for summer 2020.  If your child wants to become a professional tournament angler, Kurt Dove’s Pro Bass Camp is a top choice.  Likewise, they offer one week sessions as well.  Two in Texas and one in New York.

Maybe your child wants to experience a saltwater fishing camp.  Tampa Bay in Florida has one of the best.  Florida Fantasy Fishing Camp offers one-week adventures on the flats of Tampa Bay.  Also, they take their campers deep sea fishing for grouper and kingfish.  You can find many more camp options in Canada and throughout the United States.  No matter what your child likes to fish for, there is a fishing camp for them.