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Fishing Summer Camps for Kids

Fishing Summer Camps for Kids

Fishing summer camps for kids can be the best experience for a young angler.  There are so many reasons why kids should learn how to fish.  First, fishing gets kids off of their technology.  For many kids, technology has become an addiction and keeps them away from the outdoors.  For example, data shows that heavy use can lead to inactive kids and higher obesity rates.  Fishing gets kids outside and a chance to connect with nature.  Feeling a fish hit your lure is a feeling no technology can offer.

Positive Impact of Fishing

Fishing helps kids become well rounded and able to survive and thrive in the world.  For instance, learning to tie knots, catch and clean fish are great skills to have.  Also, fishing teaches kids conservation and a love for nature.  There is no better way to connect with the outdoors than being on the water.  Your child will be surrounded by wildlife and beautiful scenery.  For example, bald eagles and ospreys call many lakes and rivers home.  Also, you may even spot otters, deer and blue herons busy catching fish.  Your kids will grow into young adults that respect and admire the outdoors.

Patience, Patience, Patience

Today’s kids have everything they want at their fingertips.  For example, video games, movies, and tv shows can be accessed from their tablets or smartphones anytime.  The days of having to wait until next week’s show are over.  Easy access to unlimited media at any time is a disservice to learning patience.  In other words, teaching kids how to fish will show them that patience can be rewarded with the catch of a lifetime.  Have you seen kids communicate these days?  They use more emojis than words!  Communication skills are a must to learn in order to manage relationships as an adult.  Most importantly, fishing is a sport that allows kids to interact and communicate with each other without the interference of technology.

Kids Fishing Camps

Many summer camps have a lake you can fish in.  Unfortunately, most do not offer any serious instruction.  Summer camps that focus exclusively on fishing are rare.  Not to worry, Candlewood Fishing Camp in western CT changes all of that.  Campers spend a full week fishing on Candlewood Lake, one of the top bass lakes in the country.  They get to fish with the best local guides and top tournament anglers every day.  In conclusion, campers will learn the latest fishing tactics, make great friends and be technology free for a week.